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My book-writing history includes self-publishing three Mattie Mitchell Women's Humor Cozy mysteries. The most recent, "The Message," won the Pinnacle Award for Best in Category, Autumn - 2015. Mattie and wacky pal, Clare, two middle-aged "babes" keep me busy sharing their hilarious plots and plans, which leaves me little time for my mud-slinging pottery hobby. That reminds me―one of my future installments dubbed, "Mud-Pie Mayhem," will be forthcoming soon. Stay tuned!

The Message: Newest Mattie Caper

I’m back! While my creator, Mary Berger, is pounding out further adventures about yours truly, I have to tell you about this latest caper she has me—and Clare—involved in.  In The Message, we’re volunteering at a local thrift shop. I’m … Continue reading

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They mean well, but . . .

Psst . . . Mattie here.  I’ve been eavesdropping.  (No—Really?)   I thought I’d share with you a few, ahem, “observations” of well-meaning, non-writers, whose remarks I just happened to overhear while my creator, Mary A. Berger, was promoting her books. … Continue reading

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On Grandpa’s Knee

“Tell me a story, Grandpa Charley.”  Those words take me back to the sweltering days of summer vacation, when my sister and I were kids, and there was nothing to do. Grandpa Charley to the rescue! My grandfather, Charles Henry … Continue reading

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Christmas in July?

The ad reads: Give Your Sweetheart a Surprise This Valentine’s Day! New Cupid’s arrow, brimming with tinsel and glittery snowflakes straight from Santa. Now, you can cover two holidays in one! Christmas ads are popping up earlier and earlier every year. … Continue reading

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Mess? What Mess?

Everyone says I should clean up my desktop, along with the surrounding clutter.  After all, it only takes two days to get to my desk, so what’s the problem? I know, I know.  We authors need space in which to work—neat, … Continue reading

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What’s Your Trademark?

Psssst!  Author Mary Berger checking in here.  Mattie’s outside doing some weeding.  She rarely lets me near this site (as if it belongs to her), so I’ll have to hurry and post this note before she returns. I have to tell … Continue reading

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Is Open Mic Reading Right for You?

Are you uncertain of your public speaking talents?  Do you wonder if the prose you’ve written has enough appeal to share publicly with others? One method of countering the wim-wams (butterflies) of public speaking is through open mic readings. In … Continue reading

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