Is Open Mic Reading Right for You?

Are you uncertain of your public speaking talents?  Do you wonder if the prose you’ve written has enough appeal to share publicly with others?
Open MicOne method of countering the wim-wams (butterflies) of public speaking is through open mic readings. In our area, there’s a great reading group headed up by the Western North Carolina Writers’ representatives.  Every third Monday our local library hosts open mic forums that allow prose/poetry writers the opportunity to share their work with other writers and the general public. Authors’ presentations of essays and poems range from light or soulful to downright hilarious.
You may want to give open mic reading a try.  Not only does the process help you cope with any uncertainties about your writing, it might well give your self-confidence a boost.  So gather up some of your best writing, seek out an open mic forum, and tell those wim-wams to take a hike!

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About mattiesmysteries

My book-writing history includes self-publishing three Mattie Mitchell Women's Humor Cozy mysteries. The most recent, "The Message," won the Pinnacle Award for Best in Category, Autumn - 2015. Mattie and wacky pal, Clare, two middle-aged "babes" keep me busy sharing their hilarious plots and plans, which leaves me little time for my mud-slinging pottery hobby. That reminds me―one of my future installments dubbed, "Mud-Pie Mayhem," will be forthcoming soon. Stay tuned!
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2 Responses to Is Open Mic Reading Right for You?

  1. Excellent advice. Speaking at open mic is a terrific way to overcome the jitters . . . and also a wonderful networking tool for expanding a writer’s readership. I heartily second the recommendation. Good post, Mary ! 🙂


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